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At Studiosity, our focus is improving life chances. That's all we do. You can see it in the care and investment we make in our people and technology, and you can see it in student feedback, like this:

The fact that Studiosity uses a "real human" and 24/7 service helps me in many ways. It helps me to gain interests and confidence in writing as well as a high grade in my university assessments. I do not feel panic when my lecturers or tutors are on holidays! This is perhaps the best service for international students! Writing is not that hard when you have Studiosity!
Xin Ying Lim
29 October, 2019
I was not sure of understanding of the assignment questions and what could i research. I have now confident of how to answer the question. Thank you so much for you assistance in providing this great tool for students.
3rd Year Undergraduate
20 September, 2019
the fresh eyes when you are exhausted from exams and assignments is valuable beyond words- Thank you!
1st Year Undergraduate
13 October, 2019
Very patient and understanding, offered a-lot of feedback and was very easy to talk to
1st Year Undergraduate
8 October, 2019
Thank you so much for your bubbly opening. It really made my day that you seemed to genuinely care that I am doing well and that I have a good week - back at you. Thank you for your words of encouragement!
1st Year Undergraduate
10 September, 2019
They asked me questions to get my brain ticking instead of jumping straight in and doing it for me!
1st Year Undergraduate
12 September, 2019

Thank you so much! You have really helped me relax a bit more by reassuring me. I get anxious about marks and using this has helped me so much

1st Year Undergraduate
12 September, 2019
Thank you so much. Very much appreciate the feedback. University has been a MASSIVE learning curve for me at the age of 46! I'm so glad I'm finally getting the courage to ask (and be in time to ask!) 
1st year Undergraduate
4 September, 2019

Fast return. Positive and constructive feedback. Thank you. PS: My first assignment was graded a Distinction! I couldn't have done it without your guidance :)

1st Year Undergraduate
2 September, 2019
The tutor was AMAZING. She was patient and understanding. At the beginning of the session she throughly went over my grammatical errors and explained the grammatical errors to me. This enabled me to understand why phrases of my essay sounded awkward.
Year 12, English
18 March, 2019

When was the last time you made a video review for a service you love?

Our students do, all the time.


" I love using Studiosity because it helps me feel more confident about my studies and I feel it’s the best way to get the best mark possible.
Jane Hattwell, Swinburne Online

Easier, more equitable student engagement

Whether future students, widening participation, or community partnerships, secondary students need support tonight, to succeed tomorrow.


“It makes me feel more confident in my work and I definitely feel like my grades have improved because of it.”

Madison McGovern, Year 11 student

A core part of student support

Students need to love a service for it to deliver the results educators need. High user satisfaction and high engagement are expected with Studiosity, with satisfaction, GPA, and success results apparent for all performance bands, modes, first in family, EAL, and more.

“When I use Studiosity I get better marks, and that makes me more confident as a student.”

Tino Kunesu, University Student